Part-time Degree Study

ADVANCE Part-time Degrees allows participants to take certificate, diploma and Master’s degrees from the Centre’s portfolio. Part-time Masters programmes typically take 1.5 to 3 years.

Who is Part-Time Study Suitable For?

An ADVANCE Part-time Degree is for you if you:
  • want to study for an accredited graduate-level qualification with the flexibility of part-time online learning
  • have a primary degree
  • want the flexibility of choosing between certificate, diploma and Masters qualifications
  • want to learn from experts in the field

What Part-time Degrees are Available?

You can browse the full catalogue of part-time degrees here.

How Does It Work?

Most courses require a 2.1 degree in a related discipline or equivalent professional experience.
A 5-credit module is typically 1 trimester (15 weeks) in duration and involves 125 hours of student work in the case of study-for-credit. Part-time participants typically take 3 5-credit modules per trimester.
Awards are typically offered on completing the following credit requirements:
  • 5-10 ECTS: Certificate of Continuing Professional Development
  • 20 ECTS: Graduate Certificate
  • 60 ECTS: Graduate Diploma
  • 90 ECTS: Masters
As an ADVANCE Centre Learner on a UCD programme, you are a fully registered UCD student, with a student card and access to all of the facilities and supports available to other students.

How are the Modules Assessed?

Module assessment varies. For more information, click on the degree title in the catalogue to view the Programme Details. Typically assessment is a mix of continuous assessment in the form of assignments and class tests or examinations. The examination may be conducted in-person at an examination centre.

How are the Modules Delivered?

Module assessment varies, please click on the module name in the catalogue to view the Module Details. Most modules are provided online meaning that all lectures and tutorials are provided remotely via the Internet. Some modules with laboratory components are blended, typically meaning that the labs are in-person on-campus while the lectures and tutorials are online.

How Much are the Fees?

The fees for 5-credit and 10-credit (Level 8-9) UCD modules are €875 and €1750.
The fees for 5-credit (Level 6-7) IT Sligo modules are €550.

How Do I Apply?

To apply,  contact The Advance Centre for more information  at

When Do I Start?

UCD term dates are available at UCD Key Dates. IT Sligo term dates are available here.

Further Information

Please email us at
Download the ADVANCE Centre brochure here.